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About Us


We are a monthly publication aimed at the Russian-speaking population of Massachusetts.

The Russian community in the state (composed of people of several ethnic origins who use Russian as their native language or communicate freely in it) is significant in size and continues to grow due to the large influx of immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

For over 24 years month after month the Russian Bulletin constantly growth in popularity among recent and old Russian-speaking immigrants by being the best channel for American business willing to reach this very active community and the best business exchange publication for the community.

The majority of our subscribers live in the Greater Boston, Metro West, and North Shore areas.

We also reach people who live relatively far from Boston (in Massachusetts and neighboring New England states and so are unable to receive community related information, except through the Bulletin coming directly to their mailbox.

Bulletin includes all sorts of advertisements: job offers, buy/sell, business, personal, classified ads, information about cultural and trading events, etc. We also publish some editorials, small articles, and other non-commercial materials that help our popularity among our readers.

The total circulation of our bulletin is currently 8000 copies, of which over 5000 are sent directly to households throughout Massachusetts and the rest is distributed through Russian-speaking businesses, food stores, doctors, lawyers, elderly housing projects with high concentration of Russian-speaking tenants, and other places where it can be picked up.

The Bulletin is normally sent to subscribers in the beginning of each month.

Advertisement Cost in Boston Russian Bulletin

   Full page
 (including any graphics cost)


   $895 on the 1st page cover

   $600 on the cover insides

   $250 on a regular black and white page


   Half Page


   $150 on a regular black and white page (with graphics);

   $350 on the full color page in the middle.


   1/3 page


   $107 black and white.


   1/4 page


   $85 black and white.


   1/8 page


   $45 black and white.


   2/3 wide


   $25 black and white.



The deadline for submissions or cancellations of advertisements is 20th of each months proceeding the issue months.

Listing to the Business Directory at www.russianmass.com – FREE!

A bulletin's page is 8.5” high and 5.5” wide First 26 pages and last two pages are printed on glossy paper in full color.

When choosing a location of an advertisement within the Bulletin we always seek to accom-modate advertiser's preference and to maximize the advertisement effectiveness; however, it must be understood that not all requests about the location of an ad (including placement on the first page) can be satisfied by the publisher.

We can translate advertisement given to us into Russian and we will gladly develop the best design for your advertisement needs.

If you need any additional information please contact us.

#338, Июнь, 2018

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